Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fashion Love - Elin Nordegren

Lately I have been loving Elin Nordegren's casual, chic style. Unfortunately for Elin, she has been in the press and followed by the pap's because of her husband's stupid choices lately. I feel terrible for the poor woman being so publicly humiliated by her cheating husband, but I really am enjoying seeing the cute outfits she puts together in her everyday life. She has such a cute collection of comfy sweaters like this grey McQueen below:
I love, love, love Hunter Wellies, (I have a pair in Navy), so I was delighted to see Elin wearing the Jimmy Choo Croc Wellies below. She pairs them perfectly with her white jeans and comfy sweater.
I have loved the Fair Isle style sweaters that have been out for the last few winter seasons. I scooped up a few a couple of years ago and love them! I adore this sweater dress she is wearing below, so cute and cozy!
I always love a cute, chic leather jacket, so I love this look Elin is rockin. I love the leggings and Uggs too. I know Uggs are technically out of style, but for a mother of two (who is obviously doing all of the parenting right now), she looks adorable! I definitely think grey Uggs are the cutest!
Elin wore this adorable outfit to a tennis match earlier in the week. I love the way she pairs such simple items and looks so casually put together. She makes me want to pick up a pair of white jeans for summertime :)

images from www.coolspotters.com

Sushi = Art

My favorite restaurant in the whole wide world is a tiny little sushi joint in downtown Sechelt on the Sunshine Coast called Sushi Bar 5517 (it's their street address). It is a cute little family owned restaurant run by the father, aunt, and kids. This place is absolutely AMAZING! I have tried tons of sushi places over the years because Vancouver has a massive Japanese/Sushi culture and tons of restaurants. So many places are just like McDonalds; you're in, you're out, not fully satisfied. 5517 is a complete experience. The owners and staff are so kind (they actually remember our names cute!) and they truly take pride in their work. Take a look at the "Tuna Tower" my friend Ashley ordered below. I honestly don't even know what is in it besides tuna sashimi and avocado, but it is so pretty! Yum!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Boo Hoo Hoo Poor Me!

I have had the WORST luck with ebay over the last few weeks...remember those gorgeous Frye Harness boots posted below? Yeah, well 2 days after I won them on ebay, I get an email saying that the seller posted the wrong merchandise, and that they didn't have my boots in stock...Dammit! Ok, fine... A couple of weeks ago I won a super cute Trunk LTD elephant t-shirt. I have been patiently waiting for it for a few weeks, so excited! Yeah, well it arrives today and apparently I misunderstood the sizing...It seems that Trunk LTD sizing is ridiculously, incredibly small, so I can't even wear the shirt. Well crap. That stinks. I guess I should be more careful shopping on ebay...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Frye Madness

I have created a monster....a Frye boot obsessed monster. I bought the Frye Engineer 12R boots a few months back and was hooked....I couldn't help myself when I saw these babies for an awesome deal on Ebay:
The Harness 12R's in Dark Crazyhorse Brown...looooooove them! I can't wait until they arrive! Frye honestly has the best quality, casual leather boots around. I am hooked :) Next up, I want the gorgeous Campus Boot in Banana as seen on Victoria Beckham a few years ago:
So pretty! I have loved these babies for years! Perhaps I should invest before summertime?

Super Sunday

I've had such a nice, relaxing, rainy Sunday. C is downstairs working on our bathroom reno, and I have been having a ME day! :) I worked out for 90 min doing general weight lifting, arm work, and leg work. I don't really have a routine, so sometimes I like to turn on a DVD and just work away. Today it was Lord of the Rings:Fellowship of the Ring...random I know. I haven't seen those movies in ages, but they are some of my favorites! Nerdy I know. I can't help it :) Afterwards, I still had some energy to burn, so I popped in a Namaste Yoga DVD and did the Earth series focusing on core strength. So many cat lifts, downward facing dogs and locust poses. I feel fantastic! I only wish I had the discipline to do this every day...work in progress.... As a treat I had one of these babies:
I made chocolate covered strawberries on Friday with melted dark chocolate chips and HUUUGE fresh strawberries. So easy and so yummy! I am going to have to go try one that I made with white chocolate later!

Happy Sunday!

Sunday, February 28, 2010


Gold for both our Men's and Women's hockey teams!!!! What a way to finish off an amazing Olympics!! I am so stoked for the Closing Ceremonies tonight!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Anyone Watching the Olympics?

So the Games are now underway in our fair city. I have never been one to be glued to the TV when the Olympics are on, but I've been quite interested this year. I'm sure the fact that they are taking place right under my nose helps encourage me to tune in. There have been some amazing, wonderful moments, and some heart-wrenchingly awful ones too. I can't skip over the passing of young Nodar Kumaritashvili, a young luger from the country of Georgia who died as a result of injuries sustained in an on-track crash. To place blame on the venue, the designers, or the athlete is wrong in my opinion. It was a horrible, terrifying accident that happened on a track that had hosted thousands of practice runs over the last few months. Nodar was obviously experienced enough to be on Olympian. It was an accident that could have happened to anyone. I think to point fingers and replay the footage hundreds of times over is a disrespect to his memory. He was an amazing athlete and wonderful competitor who lived for his sport.

On to a brighter side of the Games: the Opening Ceremonies. I have heard lots of feedback from fellow Vancouverites, as well as opinions from members of the media. The local crowd is very proud of our city and the show we put on. Yes it was a little long, and very "Canadian", but overall I thought it was great. To be totally honest, I could have done with a little less of the boy flying over the wheat fields, but that was quickly made up for by an amazing performance of "Hallelujah" (one of my fave songs) by k.d. Lang. I've never been a big k.d. fan, but wow, she was amazing. She really did that song justice! I've heard many a person complain that this opening was nowhere near as great as Beijing's ceremony....umm people, first off the Summer Games are much larger than the Winter games, and secondly there are over A BILLION Chinese people, while Canada holds just over 30 million. We are a much smaller country, with a smaller economy. Besides, us Canadians pride ourselves on understated elegance hahah! I thought Vanoc did a great job and it made me proud to be Canadian. I can't help but get a bit annoyed at the media for whining and complaining about how awful the ceremony was. Thousands of people worked for thousands of hours during the last TWO YEARS to put it together. How about we give our fellow man a pat on the back instead of trying to tear him down? Even if I thought parts were a bit silly, I will still compliment the heck out of anyone who took part. It was truly a wonderful show of art, dance, music and culture. It made me so proud to be from Vancouver and Canada! Go Team Canada!
PS - YAH we won our first gold medal on Canadian soil last night in the men's freestyle skiing! So proud :)